January 30 horoscope for cancer

January 12222 Monthly Horoscope

Work toward maintaining peace by exposing the truth. Take time to add some fantasy to your world in order to dilute fears of reality. Make decisions based on love, cooperation, and prosperity instead of neediness, trepidation, and anger. Stand up and take credit for what you have earned. If you have done your work and prepared yourself properly, now is a time in which you can benefit greatly.

Get out of the rut and take action. A new and exciting partnership with someone else can lead to an expansive world of which you only dreamed of becoming a part. The planetary energy is quick and sporadic, so take advantage of it while you can. A moment will come when you can no longer fight against the current transformation you are going through, notably in your professional life. The situation that you live in will soon land you in a kind of impasse, but this won't necessarily be unpleasant.

But you will be obliged to change paths whether you like it or not. In any case, you will undoubtedly want to!

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There is a free-spirited, electric energy in the air that is calling your name. Latch on to this wave of energy and look to where you can manifest creative abundance in your life. Perhaps a major opportunity for change is knocking on your door. Please whitelist us if you our site.

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Planetary Row

Jan 30, Email Horoscopes Get your Horoscopes delivered free to your inbox every day! Email address. You're not in the mood to do anything that's difficult or challenging in any way. Instead, you want to experience nothing but the pleasurable side of life. It might be nice to take a day or two to get out of town with someone special, or even by yourself.

You can be your own best company! You could go far today, physically or mentally. Whatever you do, set your heart on something meaningful and think big. This is a great time for brain exercise with a trip to the library or, better yet, an energetic debate with a well-informed friend. Be sure to listen well to their viewpoint, because it's easy to hear only what you want to hear.

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  4. It's a good thing your exuberant energy draws people to your side, because you're in the mood for company. Your sensitive nature flares up today, and you probably won't deal with it gracefully. Instead, you might give hotheaded responses and put your foot in your mouth. It feels like there's a gap between you and someone important, and this makes you nervous. But you're only widening it by lashing out. Try to calm yourself, Cancer, and explain your feelings to someone you trust. You'll only end up getting sick if you try to bottle them up or express them in unhealthy ways.

    If you've been feeling blocked, don't worry -- today brings a fresh perspective. You're feeling alert, tuned in to possibilities, and downright inspired.

    Cancer Horoscope - Love for January 30,

    You're aware of the opportunities out there and ready to grab hold of them. So whether you're tackling a new or established project, you'll bring a little extra 'oomph' to it. Putting your new ideas into action is even easier with help on your side, so turn your inspiring perspective toward your friends and colleagues. They're sure to be impressed with your vision and your energy. You want to take chances, but you forget exactly which rules you're breaking. You feel like a daredevil, but your safety gear is such a mess that you'd rather not appear in public with it.

    This could be a nervous, scattered day.

    Old issues are pressing on new situations, distorting your reality. Yes, it's tempting to clean house, but then you'd only be lost in the past. Reenter the here and now. This is where you belong.